Welcome to Zydro Energy!

Zydro Energy remains the leading New Energy Technology Leader!

Wise men know, Success is not determined by lack of resistance, Success comes to those who continuing good work in the face of adversity.

The Wright Brothers handled the resistance and slander - they Built it! That is How we modeled our Business - be sure to check out the "about us page" see what we have built!

The purpose of the Zydro Energy website is to provide a portal for those interested in cutting edge Energy Technology.

The Solution Zydro Energy Provides:

  • Energy Independence
  • Self Sustaining Energy Production - Excellent ROI
  • True Clean Energy Production
  • Energy Security
  • Initial Capital Cost and Simple Maintenance
  • Scale to Economic Value and Beyond.

The Zydro Energy Systems are Hybrid Power Stations:

  • Operates in range of Demand, WHEN NEEDED
  • Energy Storage is not needed
  • No fuel logistics needed
  • No emissions or regulations
  • Value as Energy without combustion - or 'Carbon reversing' 

The Cost of Zydro Energy Systems:

  • 25Kw Zydro Energy Net Systems are comparable to wind and solar 
  • 50Kw Zydro Energy Net Systems are comparable to fuel based power
  • 100Kw Zydro Energy Net Systems beat all current energy production
  • 500Kw Zydro Energy Net Systems can pay for themselves in 36 months
    • Exclusive ability to Scale to an economic and cultural blessing.  

The Zydro Energy Valuation:

  • A Dedicated and God Fearing Team
  • Very Unique Technology - Solid Ownership
  • Strong International Patents - Strong IP 
  • Privately Held Company -  Simple Decisions   
  • Strong Technical and Highly Educated Research Team 

Zydro Energy's current capability:

  • Skills and Expertise to manage 100Kw Net Beta System Build
  • Manufacturing Facility and Technicians
  • Logistic and Installation Team 

Zydro Energy is the Low Tech Security Backup Solution:

  • Can not be shut down with Cyber Attack 
  • Not effected by electromagnetic interference - the system is mechanical
  • No fuel required supply lines do not effect the operation
  • A true solution to rolling black outs, or other power portioning
  • The systems can be installed underground or in tornado proof shelters for greater protection 


You could plow acres of beautiful land to install intermittent Solar systems, You can block the natural sky line with Wind turbines and have unreliable power - and after a cyber attack - you will have a field of ornaments.

  • Low Tech offers protection from disruption from high tech interference.
  • Low Tech offers the ability to separate or unplug from national grids.
  • Low Tech offers a new brand of privacy and security.

We have the "Low Tech Backup System" back up against unwanted interference to our power needs.

Our Zydro Systems can "double" as a water pump should that need arise.

Energy and Water pumping, without reliance on fuel, full time reliability, think of it "No Siege" power and pumping systems.

 What is that worth to you? 

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- Wayne Travis